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TOTH is a full service consulting engineering firm specializing in electric utility engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, land surveying, and GIS.






Personalized Attention From Top Engineers

Toth and Associates was established in 2003 as a specialized electric utility engineering firm. TOTH has grown into a multidisciplinary firm that features electrical, structural, and civil engineers. Since inception, the company has transitioned from a small firm to the largest engineering consulting company in the Springfield Missouri area and expanded offices to the Pacific Northwest, in Portland and Hermiston, Oregon.

While a large firm, TOTH is not a Mega-Firm thus allowing TOTH to provide clients with personalized attention from its Top Engineers and personnel. Presently, TOTH is a multidisciplinary consultant with a broad range of resources, and facilitates direct client access to highly experienced engineers, technicians, and other needed support personnel that are key to project success.

Engineers (32 PE, 10 EI)

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Select Client Testimonials

  • Dan Disberger, Engineering Manager
  • West Central Electric Cooperative

{Toth and Associates is a company built on honesty and integrity. I would recommend Toth to anyone needing electrical engineering services.

  • Dr. Stephen Kleinsmith, Superintendent
  • Nixa Public Schools

{I am pleased to recommend Toth and Associates, Inc. for consulting engineering services and grant writing. Brian Orr and Brent Davis, both structural engineers, worked diligently with the school district to secure federal funding for a safe room on one of our elementary school campuses.

  • Kevin Cooper, Assistant Superintendent
  • Webb City School District

{I could not give a stronger recommendation to Toth & Associates to serve as grant writers or grant managers for any project that your district or community may be seeking. Their professionalism, their diligence, and their expertise will ensure that your grant process will be a smooth one.

Fast Growing Engineering Consulting Firm

TOTH is poised to provide high caliber, professional expertise that is fully supported by skilled staff and innovation. Our multidisciplinary staff of over 100 individuals, and growing, brings a variety of diverse backgrounds from engineering and design as well as private business, non-profit enterprise, and public administration. This breadth of experience is key to TOTH’s ability to reach beyond the traditional definition of engineering services to provide related consulting services such as grant writing and geographic information systems (GIS) to our clients.

Across all the market segments we serve, clients are seeking well-qualified engineering firms with strong momentum, open communication, and careful attention to the priorities of their clients. At TOTH, we understand the need and are eager to be a part of the solution.

Request Statement of Qualifications

To receive the TOTH general Statement of Qualification (SOQ) please submit your request using the Request SOQ form.

Let’s Build Something Together

TOTH is committed to building strong and enduring relationships with our clients. That is evident in that several of our staff have maintained ongoing consultant-client relationships for decades — some of those for over 40 years. We genuinely pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. That is an often-mentioned trait our clients appreciate when they speak of our firm. Our clients have easy access and multiple points of contact for their TOTH team.

How does TOTH preview Electrical Substation Designs with their clients before it is built?

TOTH ensures that our clients are continually engaged in the design process by providing drawing sets throughout the design phase. Our substation designs are modeled in 3D, allowing for better communication and collaboration. A virtual station flythrough allows our clients to see the station before it is constructed.

Substation Information

Can TOTH create paper map books from digital GIS maps?

Yes! In an ever-growing digital age, paper map books still need to exist side-by-side with a digital GIS. Converting your digital GIS maps to printed map books is useful when you need to give contractors a copy of your map. Additionally, you can share printed maps with first responders when natural disaster strike, they are always available in the off-the-grid gaps where cell coverage is spotty, and they are a reliable way to view your GIS if networks go down.

GIS Information

How may FEMA tornado safe rooms has TOTH designed and helped to get funded?

TOTH has secured over $200 million in federal grants for our clients and designed well over 200 grant projects. Over 150 of those have been FEMA tornado safe rooms.

FEMA Safe Room Information

How many building and bridges has TOTH designed over the last decade?

TOTH’s structural engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in providing structural engineering services for a wide range of applications, especially in higher education, K-12, institutional, healthcare, religious, warehouse/industrial, commercial, senior living, and mixed-use/retail. We are highly-qualified professionals who seek to provide innovative solutions for complicated projects. In the past decade we have designed well over 500 buildings and bridges. In addition to design for new buildings, TOTH provides structural engineering services for remodels, expansions, and additions for various types of construction. Our bridge design experience of the engineering staff ranges from single-span steel I-girder bridges to multi-span composite precast girders.

Structural Information

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