Right-of-Way/Easement Acquisition

Project viability often hinges on site research and selection, as well as timely acquisition of easements and rights-of-way (ROW).  In this stage of a project, TOTH is a project partner who can understand the dynamics of public awareness and landowner relationships,  the technical requirements for design and construction, and the legal and regulatory constraints, plus the importance of professionalism, communication, and responsible project management.

Members of TOTH’s Right-of-Way (ROW) Acquisition Team have worked on projects in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Oregon, helping public and private utilities, local governmental entities, and real estate developers plan and acquire property, right-of-way, and easements for their respective projects.  Our project managers have experience with site selection, environmental clearances, easement consultation, and acquisition services for many miles of electric transmission line, water &wastewater utilities, renewable energy projects, and subdivisions, plus permitting for road, rail, and utility crossings on numerous projects.  TOTH’s team includes specialists who perform advance research to evaluate route and site feasibility, environmental constraints, professional engineers & land surveyors who oversee the technical aspects of the projects, and full-time field staff to interface directly with affected landowners and concerned neighbors.


• Route and Site Feasibility Studies

• Project Planning / Route Selection

• Acquisition Planning

• ROW / Easement Acquisition

       • Electric Utility Easements

       • Water/Wastewater/Drainage Easements

       • Temporary Construction Easements

• Land Survey

       • Legal Description Preparation

       • Property Plat Drawings

• GIS/Mapping Services

• Environmental Review + Permitting

• Road, Rail, and Utility Permitting

• Local, State, and Federal Permitting

• Title Work and Appraisal Coordination

TOTH’s professionals are assisting Ouchita Electric Cooperative establish route, establish and procure right-of-way (ROW), design and administer construction contracts for approximately 13.5 miles of 115kV line from new Summerville Switch Station (on AEP’s existing 115kV line) to Ouachita’s existing Summerville distribution station.

Ouachita Electric Cooperative – Summerville 115 kV Transmission Design & Environmental Impact Statement

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