Mitchell Creek Floodplain Analysis

Mitchell creek floodplain analysis

Client: Waynesville R-VI School District/Dickinson Hussman Architects

Location: Waynesville, Missouri

As part of their $34 million renovation and expansion of the existing middle school, the Waynesville School District sought recommendations regarding the adjacent Mitchell Creek, which is prone to frequent flooding.  Dickinson Hussman, the district’s architect for the project, secured the services of TOTH to provide an analysis of Mitchell Creek.  TOTH’s analysis included: review of the existing FEMA flood insurance study & hydraulic model of Mitchell Creek, utilization of existing flow data & topographic survey information to perform an independent hydraulic analysis of Mitchell Creek, and comparisons between results of these hydraulic models & an existing study of Mitchell Creek performed after the August 2013 floods.  TOTH’s analysis provided a recommended finished floor elevation for the expanded school in order to minimize the likelihood of flood damage.