City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri – Water System Study

City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri – Water System Study

Client: City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri

Location: Rockaway Beach, Missouri

As the municipal on-call engineer for the City of Rockaway Beach, TOTH assisted the City in securing a Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) Engineering Report Services Grant to perform an evaluation of the City’s potable water system.

Subsequently, the City selected TOTH to conduct the engineering evaluation and prepare the engineering report as required by the grant. The engineering evaluation included an investigation into the causes of the City’s high-water loss rate, preparation of a hydraulic model of the City’s system, and development of a series of recommendations for improvements to the system.

The City’s existing system consists of approximately 10 miles of distribution pipes, two wells, and a 200,000-gallon elevated storage tank serving approximately 430 metered connections.  As part of the project, TOTH also mapped the City’s water system using GPS surveying methods.