Umatilla Electric Cooperative – Tumbleweed Substation

Umatilla Electric Cooperative – tumbleweed substation

Owner: Umatilla Electric Cooperative

Location: Oregon

Tumbleweed Substation is a new 115 kV to 12.47 kV substation constructed to support Umatilla Electric Cooperative’s (UEC) transmission system in Oregon.  The station is comprised of a four-breaker 115 kV ring bus designed to support 200 MW of transmission, two 15 MVA power transformers, a 10-breaker 12.47 kV main and transfer bus, and includes a new control building.  Tumbleweed Substation is one of four current substation projects being completed for UEC.

Tasks performed include site layout, grading design, fence design, design of substation structures, bus and switching configuration, bus design, ground grid design, design of lightning protection, equipment specification, auxiliary circuit design (ac and dc), dc load analysis and battery sizing, relaying diagrams, and project management.