Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative – Genoa South Substation

SOUTHWEST ARKANSAS ELECTRIC COOPerative – genoa south substation

Client: Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative

Location: Russellville, Arkansas

TOTH designed Genoa South Substation in 2012 for Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative. Genoa South is a 10 MVA distribution substation that serves mostly residential load through four 12.47 kV feeders. The substation is fed from a radial 69 kV transmission line that terminates on a full-tension A-frame dead-end structure. A 69 kV circuit switcher isolates the transformer from potentially desctructive currents. The 12.47 kV feeders are protected by vacuum circuit breakers with integral digital protective relays. The distribution structure features a transfer bus to allow for uninterrupted service while performing breaker maintenance. A pre-fabricated concrete control building houses digital protective relaying equipment, metering equipment, a 48 Vdc battery backup system, and auxiliary ac and dc load centers for the station. Structures and bus were designed for simplified utilization of a mobile substation during transformer maintenance and failure events.

Tasks performed include site selection, site layout, grading design, fence design, oil containment design, structural and foundation design, bus design, ground grid design, design of lightning protection, equipment specification, protective relaying application, relaying circuit design, auxiliary circuit design (ac and dc), dc load analysis and battery sizing, project management, and implementation of metering and SCADA systems.