Prairie Power, Inc. – Shelbyville Substation

Prairie power incorporated – Shelbyville SUBSTATION

Client: Prarie Power, Inc.

Location: Shelbyville, Illinois

Shelbyville Substation is a new 34.5 kV to 12.47 kV substation constructed to replace an aging substation on Shelby Electric Cooperative’s system.  The station is comprised of a 34.5kV dead-end with fuses, 7.5MVA transformer, metering structure, and an 8-position 12.47kV box bay structure with four feeders protected by hydraulic reclosers. The station was also designed to incorporate the cooperative’s AMR system.

Tasks performed include site layout, grading design, fence design, design of substation structures, bus & switching configuration, bus design, ground grid design, design of lightning protection, equipment specification, auxiliary circuit design, AMR design, and project management.