Prairie Power Incorporated – Loda Substation

Prairie power incorporated – loda SUBSTATION

Client: Prarie Power, Inc.

Location: Loda, Illinois

Loda Substation is a new 5MVA distribution substation designed for one of Prairie Power’s members, Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative. The substation includes a 69kV A-frame dead-end, new 5MVA transformer, mobile substation hookup, and an eight-position distribution box-bay structure. The transformer was protected by fuses mounted to the 69kV A-frame. The distribution feeders were protected by either triple-single or hydraulic reclosers, depending on the type of load. Feeders exited the station through underground conduit. To prevent the occurrence of single-phasing sensitive three-phase motor load in the area, a main bus recloser was included to trip out the distribution bay in the event of a 69kV fuse blowing. The substation also included a pre-fabricated concrete building that housed the feeder-level metering, AMR controller, and SCADA equipment.

Tasks performed include site grading design, foundation design, facilitation of steel structure design and procurement, bus design, major material selection and procurement, ground grid design and safety analysis, conduit system design, lightning protection design, yard lighting design, construction contract administration, field observation during construction, and station commissioning.