City of Rockaway Beach – Wastewater Rate Study

City of rockaway beach – wastewater rate study

Client: City of Rockaway Beach

Location: Rockaway Beach, Missouri

TOTH conducted a wastewater rate study for both the City of Rockaway Beach’s regional wastewater treatment facility and for the in-city wastewater rate structure.  The City of Rockaway Beach operates a 600,000 GPD regional wastewater treatment facility serving for separate entities: the City of Rockaway Beach, Bull Creek Village, Merriam Woods, and the Taney County Regional Sewer District.  Rockaway Beach charges a bulk, per gallon treatment rate to each entity.  This rate had not been adjusted since construction of the treatment facility. This had resulted in severe financial problems for the facility.  TOTH conducted an in-depth financial analysis of the facility’s operations to determine what rate was required.  The resulting rate increase was so large that TOTH developed a phased implementation schedule for several rate increases over a period of three years.

As part of the same study, TOTH also analyzed the City’s in-city wastewater rate structure in order to accommodate the recommended increase to the bulk treatment rate.