CITY OF ROCKAWAY BEACH, MISSOURI – wastewater treatment facility

Client: City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri

Location: Rockaway Beach, Missouri

The City of Rockaway Beach, Missouri operates a 600,000 GPD regional wastewater treatment facility serving four separate entities: the City of Rockaway Beach, Bull Creek Village, Merriam Woods Village, and the Taney County Regional Sewer District. This regional facility has had a history of non-compliance with state and federal regulations.

TOTH has been working with the City of Rockaway Beach to identify potential areas of improvement that would result in improved treatment efficiency and operation of the facility. TOTH has provided the following services to the City at this facility:

  • Analysis of rates for wastewater treatment charged to users of the facility
  • Analysis of the City of Rockaway Beach’s in-city sewer rates
  • Engineering assessment and recommendations regarding the four existing flow meters at the facility
  • Engineering evaluation of treatment processes and recommendations for capital improvements
  • Development of a Compliance Plan for the facility to comply with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) order of compliance.