City of Buffalo, Missouri – Water System Study

CITY OF BUFFALO, MISSOURI – Water system study

Client: The City of Buffalo

Location: Buffalo, Missouri

The City of Buffalo, Missouri secured TOTH’s services to complete a study of its entire potable water system. The study included updating and calibrating the city’s existing hydraulic model in order to perform an analysis of the city’s system. The city’s system is comprised of over 40 miles of pipe and serves approximately 1,720 metered connections with three elevated storage towers and four deep wells. The oldest water tower in Buffalo, Tower #1, was constructed in 1937; maintenance became so expensive that the City wanted to evaluate options for replacing the tower.

TOTH’s study analyzed the impacts that removing Tower #1 from the City’s system would have on flow and pressure within the community.  The analysis concluded that the City’s system had sufficient storage and pressure to support the removal of Tower #1.  However, the removal of Tower #1 would drop fire flow capacity in the downtown area to an undesirable level.  The City is currently in the process of reviewing the alternatives presented in TOTH’s analysis on how to proceed with Tower #1.