Continued Growth in 2016

Continued Growth in 2016

Toth and Associates, Inc. (TOTH) has made some exciting new additions around the office and in the field! Since the beginning of 2016, we have welcomed 14 new employees to fill a wide-variety of positions. These new faces have helped keep the workplace lively and well-rounded. We cannot say enough about these new members of the TOTH team, so we had them get creative and tell us a little about their lives. Check out what they had to say (and in no particular order)!

Zachary Marsden, EI
Position: Substation Engineer
Hometown: Columbia, MO
Fantasy Job: Fisherman
Fun Fact: He and his wife lived in separate cities for the first year of their marriage while she was finishing school
Favorite part about TOTH: “The people and the office environment.”

Josh Sirb
Position: Substation/Transmission Intern
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Fantasy Job: Inter-galactic space traveler
Fun Fact: He has double-jointed elbows
Favorite part about TOTH: “I love the people I work with.”

Diane McConville
Position: Grants Assistant
Hometown: Indianola, NE
Fantasy Job: Andy’s Frozen Custard taste tester
Fun Fact: She claims to be a “crazy cat lady”
Favorite part about TOTH: “The job schedule flexibility.”

Nat Summitt
Position: Electrical System Planning Intern
Hometown: Pella, IA
Fantasy Job: Professional bass guitarist
Fun Fact: He had a bad hair dyeing experience in high school – resulting in a shaved head and pink scalp. And on top of that, he sat next to Tom Arnold at a basketball game that night.
Favorite part about TOTH: “It feels like one big family here; very flexible workplace culture.”

Scott Freeman
Position: Substation Technician
Hometown: Seymour, MO
Fantasy Job: Off-road racecar driver
Fun Fact: He’s hand-glided off the cliffs of San Diego
Favorite part about TOTH: “The great people who make working an enjoyable experience.”

Lillian Boyd
Position: Civil Engineering Intern
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Fantasy Job: Professional flower connoisseur/gardener
Fun Fact: She has over 200 cousins
Favorite part about TOTH: “My awesome coworkers and the cappuccino machine!”

Alicia Bennet, EI
Position: Structural Engineer
Hometown: Muskogee, OK
Fantasy Job: International theme park ride tester
Fun Fact: Her unicorn name is Windflower Jolly Pony
Favorite part about TOTH: “I’m good friends with my co-workers.”

Nick Howerton
Position: CAD Operator & Technician
Hometown: Houston, MO
Fantasy Job:  Professional world traveler
Fun Fact: He can juggle (just 3 though)
Favorite part about TOTH: “I enjoy the flexible and laid-back culture/work environment.”

Jess Moran, EI
Position: Electrical Engineer
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Fantasy Job: An engineering position that allows him to travel/live abroad
Fun Fact: He was tear gassed during an attempted coup while vacationing in Thailand
Favorite part about TOTH: “I love working for a smaller firm where you get to interact daily with those determining the direction of the company.”

Jeff Chapman
Position: Electrical Planning Intern
Hometown: Pierce City, MO
Fantasy Job: Professional film critic
Fun Fact: He was a math teacher for 4 years
Favorite part about TOTH: “The friendly people and work environment.”

Ben Hogan
Position: Marketing Communications Intern
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Fantasy Job: Secret Service agent
Fun Fact: He has bowled since he was 2
Favorite part about TOTH: “Everyone here is friendly and it’s refreshing to be around an intelligent and collaborative group.”

Palmer Harrison
Position: Intern
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Fantasy Job: Professional golfer
Fun Fact: He goes skiing in Colorado every winter
Favorite part about TOTH: “The people who work here and how professional everyone is.”

Steve Perkins
Position: Right-of-Way Specialist
Hometown: Iberia, MO
Fantasy Job: Product tester for a firearms manufacturer
Fun Fact: He claims to be “pretty plain”
Favorite part about TOTH: “I enjoy the challenge that comes with this position.”

Wade Neely
Position: Field Services
Hometown: Mt. Vernon, MO
Fantasy Job: A respectable electrical engineer; a job that doesn’t feel like you’re working
Fun Fact: He was born and raised on a farm
Favorite part about TOTH: “They do a great job taking care of everyone.”

TOTH recognizes the importance of each individual brought onboard, as everyone plays an integral role in making the workplace an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We are humbled to have an incredible team that embodies one of our core values: People Matter. Thank you all for everything you do for TOTH!

(Not pictured above: Wade Neely, Steve Perkins, Palmer Harrison, Jess Moran, EI, and Zachary Marsden, EI)